A smart comparison platform for business communications

UK’s 1st Smart Comparison Platform for business mobile communications

 More than price comparison

We have developed a smart comparison platform for business communications. We understand your main concerns is the time it takes, getting great value and you want to be in control. To demonstrate how the platform can help you just use the slider below to approximate which of the three common pain points is most important to you. This will illustrate those features that the platform has to help.



Attribute Health Scores Total =
Automated Procurement Process Total =
Automatic Bill Analysis Total =
Automatic Creation of Next Tender Total =
Contract Comparison Total =
Early Warning System Total =
Easy Bill Upload Total =
Future Cost Estimate Total =
No Negotiation Required Total =
Quick & Easy Submission Total =
Ranking by Attribute Total =
Side by Side Comparison Total =
Significant Savings on Contract Total =
Tailored Tender & Proposal Total =
Tariff Check Total =
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Time: 25%
Cost: 50%
Control: 25%
Total: 100%

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