A smart comparison platform for business communications

Make business mobile easy! Use our comparison platform

 More than price comparison

We have developed a comparison platform for the procurement of business mobile communications.  We understand that the traditional procurement process is time consuming and stressful, you don’t always know the right questions to ask and find it hard to compare the responses from potential suppliers.  Our Platform saves you time, saves you money and puts you in total control of the process.

Predict Features and Benefits

Free to use
Is free for organisations to use. Predict is paid a fair fee by the winning Supplier.
Expert and automated bill report analysis
Saves you time and effort on the analysis, and confirms how many lines you pay for, how many lines you use, your data usage and predicted usage.
Future Savings Prediction
Predicts where you can save against your current contract by looking at your current usage patterns.
Customised Tender Builder
Accurately defines your requirements through analysis of your bill reports and then fines tunes your needs by asking your key questions based on your usage
Supplier Super-Panel
Provides managed access to the UK’s best business mobile suppliers, selected based on established reputation and capabilities
Tailored Proposals
Creates Proposals with a total focus on your requirements through a standardised framework for the suppliers
Side-by-side comparison
Gives genuine side-by-side comparison on all elements of the supplier Proposals.
Expert ranking by attribute
Makes it easy for you to make informed, impartial decisions by ranking each element of the Proposals, which can be compare across all Proposals
First best offer
Knows where and how to encourage the suppliers to make their first offer, their best and final offer. No need to negotiate.
Final contract comparison
Compares the final Contract with your original Tender to check that what was being asked for is what is being provided.
Expert advice and support
Always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have about your current mobile usage and how to start using the Platform.
Anonymised data
Anonymises you and your data so all decision are data led. No current costs are shared with the suppliers.

Predict has saved our customers on average

0% contract cost

£0,000 per contract

0 weeks procurement time