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About Predict Mobile

Predict Mobile is the smart comparison platform made for business mobile communications.  We have made the process of writing a tender, finding suitable suppliers and choosing a final proposal easy and straightforward. We have done this by developing an automated and secure process on our comparison platform; by providing a competitive environment of the best UK independent suppliers; and by presenting proposals which can be compared side by side with our expert ranking and recommendations.

Predict Mobile is for any organisation who needs to buy or renew business mobile phone contracts. It is for business customers only.

The Predict Mobile is free to use and can help you by saving you time, money and put you in control when deciding on your business mobile contract. We have made the process automated, streamlined and secure. We can help you to find the best value, perfectly tailored solution and we provide expert ranking, comparison and recommendations.

We make money by charging the winning independent supplier a small percentage of the profit they make on the fixed contract price.

Yes. We want to improve the way the mobile industry operates and have chosen to make our smart comparison platform accessible to all organisations

By looking at both your historical costs and historical usage, we combine mobile market experience and machine learning to predict your future requirements. We then apply a benchmark tariff which is market competitive – but most likely to be improved when suppliers compete for your business – to predict potential savings.  Our aim is to under promise and over deliver on the initial savings calculation.

Based on the customers who have used the platform the average saving is £80,000 over the 24 month contract period. This equates to almost 50% of the fixed contract costs. Although not all customers will save £80,000 if they are smaller than the average 120 mobile line business already using the platform, however the percentage saving will be similar for smaller accounts based on our current customer base.

Predict Mobile has a large panel of the biggest and best UK independent mobile suppliers who connect to the main business networks EE, 02 and Vodafone.  All our suppliers are vetted and verified when they sign up to the Predict Mobile platform and many have been recommended to Predict by the network distribution partners themselves.

Predict Mobile combines deep industry knowledge and technology to save you from repeating the same mistakes that result in the mobile industry over-charging business over £1bn* every year. (*Ofcom business mobile landscape report 2015) Predict Mobile creates a competitive environment and level playing field that provides a better result, for you the customer time after time, saving you time, money and putting you in control.

The supplier responses are anonymised, and they are presented in a format that gives you true side by side comparison, so your decision is based on factual and accurate information.  This enables you to choose the best solution from the right supplier for your organisation’s requirements.  You may in fact still end up choosing your incumbent supplier if that is your preferred solution.

Yes. Although using your historical data is crucial to tailoring your solution – if there is no usage history, we can still predict your needs to a high degree of accuracy by looking at a business of a similar size and nature using our machine learning algorithms.

The Business Mobile Market

Fundamentally you will need to understand which supplier solutions are best for value, the tariff they provide, how convenient it is to change suppliers or networks, what network has the best signal for your locations and which supplier can offer the appropriate service wrapper. striking a balance between these core elements is down to your requirements. Predict Mobile provides you with the platform to assess all these key criteria in an open, accurate and transparent way.

Depending on your current data requirements, you can plan ahead even with richer content that consumes more data even if your work patterns remain constant. Predict Mobile scores suppliers on meeting your current data needs and having enough data for the future but not unnecessarily paying for data that wont be used until much later in the contract. Suppliers are experts at determining your likely requirements and Predict Mobile allows them the ability to properly express their expertise in a way that enables you to compare on a like for like basis

A pot of money that you can use toward equipment. Some suppliers require you to buy handsets from them and others allow you to take it as cash and everything in between. Fundamentally the hardware fund comes as a benefit for connecting to a specific tariff. generally the higher the tariff monthly cost the higher the hardware fund. the lower the tariff the less hardware fund may be available.

They can but you may need to separate the business data held on a device from the personal. This can include apps and information. There are also differing tax rules relating to a bring your own device policy. It is personal preference as to whether you want to do this. Separating the personal from business on the same device requires a special software call mobile device management or MDM. sometimes included in tariffs sometimes bought as a separate package. this should be factored in to your decision on whether to allow personal devices for work purposes.

Using the Predict Mobile service

Yes. All data is anonymised on the platform.  Predict Mobile is GDPR compliant and is working towards ISO27001 accreditation and Cyber Essentials.

In order to use the platform, you need to agree to our Terms and Conditions .  As a customer you are committed to using the supplier you have chosen through the Predict Platform as detailed in our terms and conditions.

In order for us to accurately predict your future requirements, we need to have a clear understanding of your organisation’s current mobile usage.

There are two ways this can be done. Automatically where you provide the username and password to the billing engine. Or you can access the billing engine down load the specific reports and upload them to the platform. We are on hand to help. we have how to step by step guides, or contact us directly or simply book a demonstration and we can show you how its done

Yes. If you are a new business without historical data or you do not have access to a billing engine you can still use our Platform.  Please contact us so we can discuss the best way forward.

Yes.  We prepopulate the tender questions based on our analysis of your mobile bills which you can then update where necessary. 

Once you are happy with your tender, you simply press submit it through the platform. Our suppliers will then be notified immediately – and will then design their tailored solutions using the expert usage analysis provided by the platform.  We have created a unique competitive environment for our supplier panel representing the UK’s biggest and best independent mobile phone suppliers.  

On average 10 days.

Each element of the proposal, for example network, tariff, customer service, is given a health score against the marketplace best-in class.  Each element of the proposal is also ranked so you can easily compare across different proposals, and see which proposal scores the highest. We give you true side by side comparison, based on factual and accurate information provided in a simple and easy to understand manner.

We do this in four main ways.  Firstly, everything is anonymised – the suppliers do not know the customer who they are creating a proposal for.  Secondly, there is only one tender which all suppliers respond to.  Thirdly, the suppliers have to respond to a defined format.  Finally, the suppliers are asked to submit their best offer removing unnecessary negotiation 

Each supplier will have their own terms and conditions that may include a cooling off period if a statutory requirement.

Your contract is stored on the platform, and can be accessed or downloaded at any time

It will depend on your chosen supplier.  They will either come from the suppliers own billing platform or directly from the tier one networks, Vodafone, O2 and EE.  Your supplier will explain this to you.

It is our platforms’ ability to predict your usage 30 days in advance, which alerts you to any potential overspend and gives you time to modify your contract before you incur potential additional costs.

We can repeat the process.  We prepopulate your new tender requirements based on your usage.  You can then do a final check and submit through the platform as before.