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About Predict

Bringing innovation and transparency to the business mobile market

At Predict we aim to optimise the purchase of business mobile communications by combining deep industry experience with machine learning through our comparison platform. Our vision is to use this combination of technology and expertise to help organisations find the right solution from the best supplier for their future needs and change the marketplace for good.

Why do we do this?

Predict was born from a desire to use transparency and fairness to create a win-win solution for customers and suppliers in the business mobile market.

We could see that the long-standing way of tendering for business mobile contracts wasn’t working for either the customer or the supplier.

The customer often doesn’t have the knowledge or time to navigate the complexity of the mobile market – they don’t know the questions to ask, don’t understand the billing and often end up with multiple proposals all of which are presented differently. And the suppliers find it expensive and time consuming to find new customers and find the tender process unfair where decisions are made on subjective information.

By combining our extensive market knowledge with comparison platform technologies, Predict and the Predict for Mobile Platform was conceived.

Our approach

We wanted to ensure proper comparisons on our platform, based on in-depth data analysis and a true understanding of specific customer requirements – not just scraping the web and focussing purely on the cheapest deal. So, unlike other platforms, we added the elements that influence a customer’s mobile requirements including past usage, anticipated usage, predicted business growth, hardware operating systems, market intelligence and industry knowledge.

We’ve automated the process, where it makes sense to do so, so the customer gets a robust, repeatable, and reliable process. We use machine learning and advance analytics to ensure accurate tenders, tailored proposals and side-by-side comparison resulting in clear and informed business choices.

The result? The Predict for Mobile comparison platform for the procurement of business mobile communications, helping organisations to find the best value solution tailored to fit their specific business requirement.

From Dundee to the world

In line with our company’s commitment to sustainability, our headquarters are in the heart of Dundee at the Water’s Edge complex, a collaborative workspace that prides itself on being sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as a hub for technological innovation.

In 2021 we were recognised by our peers as winners of the Start-up of the Year category at the Mobile Industry Awards, offering a new and valuable solution for business customers.

We are continuing to grow, with employees based across the UK, and are working towards accreditations including ISO 27001, B Corp and Cyber Essentials and have achieved the Living Wage.

The Predict Team


Founder & CEO

Started Predict to create a win-win for customers and suppliers by making the process of buying business mobile phone contracts better combining deep industry knowledge with the latest technologies. This enables our customers have access to transparent information so they can make more informed decisions quickly.


Lead Engineer

Software engineering is in Warrick’s blood, always coming up with new and better ways to support our customers and suppliers while managing his tech team to develop the UKs first Smart Comparison platform for business.


Chief Product Officer

Having first worked with Colin at Nokia in the late 1990’s, he shares a joint passion to bring much needed positive change to business mobile procurement. His broad commercial experience helps create strong customer, supplier and partner success and deliver sustainable growth and value creation.



Always making connections and correlating customer needs deep in the code so that the Predict Platform is as Smart as possible.

Tim Allan, CBE

Investor & Adviser

Tim, was our first outside investor. He is a board member of Archangels one of Scotland’s leading business angel syndicates. He is a private equity and property entrepreneur with many philanthropic interests including the Chair of the V&A Dundee. He is a founder and director of Motor Fuel Group, the largest independent fuel retailer in the UK. He is also immediate past President of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce


Apprentice Developer

Predict supports lifelong learning.  Finlay is studying Software Engineering at Glasgow University while working on the platform with a special interest in UX and UI.


Operations Manager

Born in the late 1990’s and having gained hard earned experience from years in the high street hospitality industry, Alice is all about building strong and rewarding relationships to champion the needs of the external organisations we work with and making sure our internal team stay focused and deliver on our promises and priorities.


Marketing Consultant

Helping to communicate the benefits of the Predict platform, with over 20 years’ experience in commercial marketing and communications across the telecoms, IT and service industries.

David Thompson

Investor & Advisor

Driven C-Suite dual national executive leader (UK/USA) with equal European/North American market experience in medical education & strategic healthcare consulting. An entrepreneur at heart, who enjoys building cultures and entities that people want to be a part of. Recently made the call to return to a fast paced and eclectic portfolio of consulting, investing, charity and mentoring with businesses and people who are looking to make meaningful differences in health & wellness.


Apprentice Developer

Testing the code before we unleash it on our customers is Noa’s role at Predict. Our TA lead whist also studying for qualifications in Software Engineering.


Customer Outreach

With over 20 years’ experience in Sales & Marketing, working for multiple integrated agencies, Gill has an unusual passion for new business development and lead generation. She has worked across all sectors and prides herself on building relationships and overseeing large sales teams.


AI Researcher

Machine Learning is central to Predicts mission to creating the Smart Comparison category. Jessica has helping turn our vision into reality.

Richard Lewis


Richard is an advisor to Predict. Richard has a vast experience as a chairman and executive coach for high growth technology business, including Earth Blox, Boundary Technologies and Query Click. Richard has exited a number of businesses including DNS Limited and Secureworks to Dell in 2012.  Also a wide experience in sales having been sales director for Morse


Apprentice Developer

Also studying for a degree in Software Engineering, at Dundee University. Scott’s focus is on all things other than UX and UX so the platform is fast, responsive and provides the detailed insights for our supplier and customers.


Customer Outreach

With an impressive background in teaching, more recently Vanessa decided to put her relationship-building and communication skills to good use and re-trained for a career in Sales. She is particularly proud of her recent successes within the world of Retail and Catering, forging and closing some strong sales deals with Global brands.

Phil Brown


Phil spent over 21 years in the mobile communications industry at Nokia latterly as VP for Marketing after a varied career in sales, marketing and senior management positions that took Phil all over the world. More recently Phil is an NXD and advisor to technology businesses.