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How Predict for Mobile Works

Predict for Mobile is a comparison platform made for the procurement of business mobile communications. We make the process of writing a tender, finding suitable suppliers, and choosing a final proposal straightforward and easy, and automated where it makes sense to do so.  We provide a free to use Platform with access to the UK’s best business mobile specialist suppliers.  The Platform provides a competitive environment and ensure the supplier’s first offer is their best offer.  We present the supplier Proposals in a clear side-by-side comparison which are expertly and impartially scored, enabling you to make informed, data-led decisions.

This combination of extensive market experience, machine learning and advanced analytics enables to you find the best value solution perfectly tailored to fit your business requirements.

A straightforward 3-step approach to ensure your next mobile contract is an ideal fit

1. Quick and precise Identification of your true needs

Step 1. Our platform accurately defines your requirements by combining rapid analysis of your bill reports with key questions based on your usage, preferences  and objectives; resulting in your perfect bespoke Tender

2. Effective managed engagement with the UK’s top suppliers

Step 2. Our platform gives you access to the UK’s best business mobile suppliers, selected on reputation and performance, who compete for your business within a clear managed framework.

3. Improved decision making to select your ideal solution

Step 3. Our platform enables you to assess supplier Proposals with genuine, impartial side-by-side comparison, expertly and clearly explained. You choose the best fit tariff and service wrapper

Start a Tender

Create Your Perfect Tender

This first step is to build your Tender. The Platform helps you with this process by analysing your current mobile phone bill reports. You can either manually upload these reports as csv files onto the Platform or they can be retrieved via the Platform from your current supplier – you just need to enter your network provider login details.

Before the Platform analyses your bill reports, all personal data is removed so that it is anonymised data.

This expert and automated analysis confirms how many lines you currently pay for, how many lines you actually use, your actual data usage and your predicted usage. As well as you being able you to review your current usage, and what you could potentially save, this analysis provides most of the critical information needed to create your Tender

The Platform then asks key questions based on your usage (lines and data), relevant operating factors (e.g. organisational growth, travel, and potential related IT initiatives, and other preferences (contract end dates, discounts, funding and hardware including related financing). Once complete your bespoke Tender is ready to publish.

Publish to our Supplier Super-Panel

Once you are ready to submit, you need to set up your Predict account, and then you can publish to our Supplier Super-Panel.

Your Tender is anonymised so that suppliers do not know who they are responding to.

The Platform serves as a single point of access to the 20+ of the UK’s best business mobile specialist suppliers – vetted and selected based on established reputation, capabilities and standards, as well as recommendation by tier-1 mobile network operators, EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three.

The Platform provides and easy-to-use framework for the suppliers and ensures that their Proposals are created with total focus on your requirements. The suppliers will respond to your Tender within two weeks and the Platform will notify you when all the Proposals are ready for you to review.

Choose the Ideal Solution

The Platform makes it easy for your to objectively compare the Proposals. Firstly they are anonymised so that you can review and compare purely based on data. Secondly the Platform gives you genuine Side-by-Side comparison on each element of the Proposal.

And thirdly each element of each Proposal is scored and ranked, for example network, tariff, customer service.  This means you can make informed decisions based on factual and accurate information, provided in a simple and easy to understand manner.

We save you time by asking the suppliers to make sure their first offer is their best offer.  There is no need to negotiate.

Once you have chosen the ideal tariff and service wrapper for your business, the Platform then introduces you to your supplier.  They upload their Contract onto the Platform, and the team here at Predict do a final contract comparison to check what you asked for in the Tender is what is being provided.

You then sign the supplier’s Contract via the Platform and the supplier does the same.  This is then securely stored on the Platform and can be accessed from the Admin panel.

The Platform is free to use.  We get paid a fair fee from the winning supplier once you have signed their Contract.

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