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How Predict Mobile Works

Predict Mobile is a smart comparison platform made for business mobile communications. We have made the process of writing a tender, finding suitable suppliers and choosing a final proposal easy and straightforward. We have done this by developing an automated and secure process on our comparison platform. We automatically create your tender through our expert bill analysis.  We provide a competitive environment of the UK’s best independent suppliers.  And we present the supplier results in a clear side by side comparison which are expertly ranking and rated.

This combination of deep market knowledge, data clarity and machine learning enables you to make informed decisions and means you are in control when choosing your supplier and solution.

Oh! And the platform is free to use 🙂

So if you are looking to renew your business mobile contract,
there are 3 simple steps to getting started…

1. Build your Tender

As market experts we know what questions to ask to produce the perfect tender. All you need to do is upload your Bill Reports and answer some easy questions.

2. Compare Proposals

UK’s best business mobile specialist suppliers compete for your business, results displayed & ranked based on the important parts of a business mobile contract

3. Choose your Solution

Choose your ideal solution by having genuine side-by-side, apples-for-apples comparison of the supplier proposals. Once you choose your solution the Platform introduces you to your supplier

Lets get started

Alternatively if you would like to find out more about how the platform can work for your business, you can either book a demo or contact us

Upload your bills

We create your tender by reviewing and analysing your current mobile phone usage.  We look at your usage patterns, review them against the market trends, predict what your future usage will look like, and see where you can save costs on your current contract. In order for us to be able to do this, we need you to upload your monthly bills onto our platform.  You can either do this automatically by entering your network provider login details (02, Vodafone and EE)  or manually by uploading your last 3 months usage reports as csv files here.

We will then email you the topline results of our expert analysis giving you an indication of potential savings and future cost estimate.  If you are happy with what you see, we ask a few final questions based on your preferences and the tender is complete for you to review and submit.

Our suppliers will then be notified immediately – and will then design their solutions for you using the usage analysis provided by the platform.  We have created a unique competitive environment for our supplier panel representing the UK’s biggest and best independent mobile phone suppliers.

Compare the proposals

You will be notified as each supplier submits their proposal and after the deadline for responses expires you will be able to see each solution in full.

The platform enables you to compare the proposals side by side.  Each element – for example network, tariff, customer service – is given a health score against the marketplace best-in class.  Each element of the proposal is also, ranked, so you can easily compare across different proposals, and see which proposal scores the highest. We give you true side by side comparison, putting you in control, because you can base your decisions on factual and accurate information provided in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Choose your solution

You will always get the best offer from the suppliers, so there is no need for you to negotiate. The platform knows where and how to encourage the mobile phones suppliers to make their best offers.

Once you have chosen the best solution for you, you are introduced to your supplier. You can then fine tune any last-minute requirements. The platform then does one final check – of the original tender to the final contract – providing due diligence and commentary on any inconsistencies that so you can with confidence, sign on the dotted line.

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