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Dundee mobile phone pioneer has global ambitions for game-changing tech

26 Oct 2021

Source: The Courier

From Predict Mobile’s headquarters at Water’s Edge in Dundee, Colin Loveday is working on a one-of-a-kind project.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, his idea of a mobile contract comparison platform has been in the making for years.

He describes the complexity of the task equal to pushing water upstream – but thinks it has global potential.

Colin says: “I like to push water uphill and choose the path of most resistance.

“We’re trying to create a meaningful business in Dundee and making it scale internationally.

“In the future, I see it as inevitable that businesses will use our platform.”

Colin cracks a smile and continues: “Our goal is world domination.”

The world’s first app

While Colin started his career in Nestlé’s graduate scheme, his passion for technology took him to a job in Nokia.

20 years ago, he worked on the technology that has shaped the way we use our phones today.

He says: “One of my claims to fame is delivering the world’s first app at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1999.

“Nokia, in collaboration with Orange, made it so you could get the Fringe programme on your phone through the internet.”

After more than 10 years at Nokia, the tech pioneer wanted a change and to be in charge of his own company.

In 2012, he started 4G Scotland and became the first dealer in Scotland for the new mobile network EE.

Also born in 2012 was Colin’s idea for Predict Mobile, but the time and resources to run two businesses just wasn’t there.

Too many ideas – not enough time

It took him three years to shape the Predict Mobile idea before registering the company and another two to find the funds to get it off the ground.

With support from Scottish Enterprise and Dundee entrepreneur Tim Allan, the Predict Mobile platform came to life.

With enough funds to work on his idea and staff to run 4G Scotland – now renamed 5G Scotland – he found another distraction.

Along with Caroline McKenna at Social Good Connect he came up with Good Call, a social enterprise helping charities find the best phone contracts.

“Good Call and Predict were clashing in my mind space, but if you don’t sleep you’re fine, you can get those two things done,” laughs Colin.

“Without the collaborative approach with like-minded entrepreneurs in Dundee and in particular Water’s Edge, Good Call would still just be an idea.

“Now it’s the winner of Scottish Social Edge and a successful social enterprise.”

“Dundee has so much great talent with a desire to make a difference on the national and international stage.

“Working with excellent people managing the other businesses, I am free to give Predict my total focus and support our fantastic team.”

At the start of the Predict Mobile journey

With no distractions and a team of six staff, Colin is devoting his time to Predict Mobile – and a little to playing golf.

Three members of staff are doing a degree level software development apprenticeship supported by the senior software engineers.

Predict Mobile is a smart comparison platform for businesses searching for a new mobile phone contract.

The platform is fully automated, showing results in minutes, whereas it would take weeks to do the process manually.

Instead of just comparing prices, Predict Mobile also looks at aspects such as signal, customer service and value for money.

The Predict Team is currently working with a panel of 17 mobile suppliers as well as brokers, membership organisations and mobile industry companies.

Colin says: “Not only do we have individual customers using our branded platform, we’re also working with brokers and their customers behind the scenes.

“They have customer bases, but they’re doing the job manually – Predict Mobile is a smart platform that saves time and money.

“Our technology works behind the scenes and that opens up a lot more markets for us.

“We’ve got the technology, we’ve proven it works, the savings are there, we have a brilliant panel of suppliers.

“Now we need to tell people about it.

“We are at the start of the Predict journey and its very exciting.”

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