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5G connectivity: benefits for business

17 Apr 2020

5G in the UK is here! 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity offering super-fast speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and mobile devices than ever before. 5G began rolling out in the UK in May 2019 and is currently limited to 6 major cities, however the network is expected to expand exponentially in 2020.

5G is set to bring new opportunities for both providers and consumers: superfast mobile broadband with no need for landlines, greater connectivity and device integration, car to infrastructure communication, distance healthcare solutions and a whole new generation of smartphones and devices.

How could 5G Connectivity Benefit your business?

5G has the potential to benefit business in many ways by transforming the way we connect and communicate. Businesses will be able to work remotely more easily, which will have real benefits for our client’s bottom line – particularly in their start-up phase. Qualcomm have estimated that 5G could create up to 22 million new jobs in the UK and will have the capability for organisations to create their own closed networks that are completely tailored to suit their needs. Businesses will be able to free up more time and money to work towards their charitable aims through a dramatic increase in speed, capacity and latency.

Through finding new ways to communicate and share information, 5G technology will be a key player in addressing some of the major challenges of our time which puts our clients at the forefront of this conversation. There has already been major investment from the UK Government in making sure 5G is accessible for all. With all these benefits, there are also some challenges to consider for businesses moving their infrastructure to the new network. The vast increase in the ability to share and move large amounts of data, as well as the opportunity for wider collaboration and access will make data protection and compliance more challenging for smaller clients. There is no one-size-fits all solution to the challenges of managing this change, and we will have to wait to see how industry responds to these exciting opportunities for development to reap the rewards that 5G connectivity offers.

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